Tuesday, February 9, 2010

yes...so overdue yet again.

yeah, ok so my plan to post often didn't work out so well. sorry. I wanted to do a post but so much has happened since my last post in Sept that catching up seems so daunting. So I will just start fresh. I also know that so many of you already saw these pictures on FB but I'm gonna go ahead and post them again just cause I am having fun now that I have finally learned how to use my scanner to scan my old pictures. So here are just a few of my favorites. Look how much my girls have grown in six years. Goodness where does the time go? This first one is of Camrie, Then Jason, then me. We are all around the same age...so who does Camrie resemble most?
I am sure that now that I know how to scan that my posts will be more often, and possibly more interesting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am sooooooo overdue...

I am sure most of my blog followers have long given up on me....and I wouldn't blame them. I truly have slacked these past 3 months. But I have set a new goal to update once a week now. There has been so much going on lately that there is no way for me to catch up so i will start with the most recent and work my way backwards. Last week I went to California with my good friends Kera and Angie. Kera went for a HS friends wedding and so Angie and I tagged along. It was so neat to see San Francisco in all it's splendor. We flew into Oakland Saturday morning and went to Keras parents house to put our luggage away and get freshened up. Then Angie and I braved the city all by ourselves. We rode the rapid transit system into the city and then took a cab to pier 33 to walk around and enjoy the sites. We walked around pier 39 and fisherman's wharf, walked around the cute little shops, had lunch and then went on a ferry to Alcatraz island for the tour. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It was really quite interesting. After we got back, we intended on walking around and then getting on the cable car for a ride into china town and then back to the rapid transit station to head back home...however that is not exactly what happened. We got on what we THOUGHT was the cable car. It wasn't...it was the commuter car. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! As we realized that we were not going in the direction we should have been we were discussing the possibility of getting off and finding another way of getting to the station. Right then...and I do mean RIGHT then the cable on the car snapped and our car stopped. The driver told everyone to get off and find another means of transport. Well the Lord was certainly looking out for us because we had stopped literally 2 blocks away from our original station. It was scary to think of being lost and trying to find our way back not having a clue where we were...and oh yeah, we had a baby with us as well. So we got back to Pleasant Hill safe and sound. The next day Keras parents were kind enough to take us on the tour of the city. We went across the golden gate bridge, went through China town, went down Lombard street (the crookedest street) went to get a chocolate sundae at Gheridellis (sp?)drove through the financial district, golden gate park and then had lunch at the beach. It was quite chilly and the waves were big and daunting. After lunch we drove through Castro district (gay community) That was quite the experience. Quite different from little Spanish Fork. There was a guy out in the middle of the sidewalk in jeans and headphones doing a full on pole dance for everyone passing by. It was so hilarious. I got a few pictures but nothing does it justice. On Monday we went to the Oakland Temple which is beautiful, and then to lunch a a popular creamery. Then we had to get to the airport to head home. It wasn't a very long trip but it was very fun to go with such great friends and see some amazing sights. Thanks gals.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camping at Fish Lake

We took our annual family camping trip to Fish Lake last week. We usually go in June because it's nice weather and it starts our summer off right. This year thanks to the unusual amount of rain we have been getting it was colder then usual. The first day we got there at 3:00 in the afternoon it was 67 degrees which was perfect. We played softball, went on a walk roasted hot dogs and ended the night with some good hot cocoa to warm our tummy's. We went to bed in the trailer without the heater because of some short with the wiring (oh goody) and woke up to the sound of rain hitting the trailer roof. Even though I love the sound of rain I was worried about getting stuck inside the trailer all day due to wet weather. it would have an occasional 10 minute break where we could get out a little bit. We took a drive to a different lake because you cant fish from the shore at Fish Lake because of the horrible moss. Jason, Kaycee and Haley all tried to get some bites while Sydney, Camrie, Powder and I played in the water down the shore a bit. Powder wore himself out swimming out to get the sticks we threw into the lake. Even though it was still raining that evening we enjoyed a delicious dutch oven dinner. Of course on the day we had to pack up and leave the weather was sunny and beautiful. We got to play for a few hours and then headed home. We really love spending time up in the mountains and we LOVE Fish Lake.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun times in Parowan

Last week I took the girls down to Parowan to spend a week with my mom and dad. I do this every summer and it worked out great since Jason had to be gone anyway to Wisconsin for work. I loved spending time down there. I love the comfort of being in my parents house and the memories it creates for me. My mom is such a great grandma, always taking time to do specieal things with my girls whether that is making cookies with them or sewing with them. Kaycee made a darling skirt this time. My dad is pretty great too, taking them out for pizza, rootbeer and then frozen yogurt. This trip was especially fun because I got to spend time with two of my very best friends from high school. They came over for lunch one day and the kids all got along so well and played outside and let us girls talk and laugh about our old high school days. Look at all of those girls. Of our combined 12 kids there is only ONE boy and he is the baby.

It was so fun to spend time down there. My younger sister and her family came over once for a make over day (so fun) and once for dinner out on my parents deck. I loved sitting out on the deck and listening to and smelling the rain. Such a joy to feel the comforts of "going home" The girls roasting marshmellows (leaves) over their campfire (weeds)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chesnut Family Reunion at Little Creek Ranch.

This years reunion was soooo much fun. We went to a huge cabin up the canyon from my hometown. This is the 3rd time doing it and the kids have loved it every year. It is always so enjoyable to be with family members and the kids loved being able to spend the whole weekend with their cousins. We missed having mom and dad there but feel sure that they are enjoying their time in Texas.